One of the biggest Italian Football arena


  • Area: Rome
  • Investment: 310 Mio EUR Stadium – 2.000 Mio EUR Urban development
  • Asset: Stadium (60.000 seats for sport events – 76.000 for others)
  • Surface area: 37,000 sqm Stadium – 10,000 sqm Roma Village – 6,000 sqm Trigoria training centre
  • Typology: Sports hall, Commercials, Offices, Multi-functional, Restaurant
  • Year: 2016 onwards

BIM Management

Development of advanced modeling tools in the field of Fire Engineering & Safety Management, aimed to create a cutting-edge management model that integrates design, construction, management and emergency aspects related to the building. The model enables dynamic management of security and fire aspects, ensuring data uniformity and consistency over the asset life cycle.

Welcome to the Stadio della Roma