To buy or to sell? Let us raise your value WITH A REOCO

Everything started when…

…the secured NPLs market reached another important step forward for the loan recovery and properties mortgaged, such as collateral and mortgages. The value of real estate assets, auction after auction, has continue to fall. This is the reason why Investors need to secure the values of their loans by establishing a "REOCO" (Real Estate Owned Company). The SPV company goal is to increase the value of credit recovery, participating in auctions to buy real estate befor it loses too much value.

Our company is able to assist the Investor in order to define the correct Reoco strategy,  delivering the following services: BP update / exit strategy, repossession, sale agency network, value retention, portfolio revamping and refurbishment, property and facility management, supplier qualification and coordination, maintenance, management, project & construction management.